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Without good indoor air quality control in your home, you could be leaving your family's comfort and wellness to chance. At CW Mechanical, we've helped numerous families in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, and the surrounding areas enjoy all the benefits of living with cleaner, healthier air.

Indoor Air Quality

How Poor Is Your Indoor Air Quality?

It's a simple question, but the reality is that many homeowners don't know much about their home's air quality. If you're like most people, you've probably never thought much about it. Unfortunately, airborne pollutants are often found at surprisingly high concentrations in homes and other indoor spaces.

This is caused by a couple of important factors. First, homes are usually packed with pollution sources, from pets and dust mites to cooking stoves and off-gassing furniture. Second, many houses are sealed up tight to make them more energy-efficient. This has the unintended side effect of trapping pollutants inside, where they can potentially reach unsafe levels.

Highly Effective Indoor Air Purification

The good news is that indoor air quality control is easy to achieve with the right plan. At CW Mechanical, our comfort advisors specialize in helping you evaluate your air quality needs and find highly effective solutions. In particular, we install and service a variety of high-efficiency indoor air purification systems. These systems use mechanical or electrostatic filtration to actively remove a broad range of particulates from the air. In fact, some air cleaners are certified to remove more than 99% of common particles. The result?

  • Fresher, more comfortable air
  • Improved wellness and peace of mind
  • Less dust in your HVAC system and throughout your home

Comprehensive Air Quality Control

Indoor air pollution can be a complex problem, so keeping your air quality under control requires a comprehensive solution. In addition to air filtration, it's important to make sure your home has adequate ventilation. Unfortunately, most modern homes aren't designed with this in mind. Adding a whole-home ventilator can help circulate more fresh air through your living space, flushing out stale air and pollutants.

Additionally, air ducts can collect and harbor significant volumes of dust and other particulates, spreading them around your house. Scheduling occasional duct cleaning visits can help prevent this buildup, keeping your air cleaner and your HVAC system operating smoothly. Finally, don't forget about the humidity. The air in Las Vegas can often be dry enough to irritate your skin and respiratory system. Adding a humidifier is an easy and affordable way to improve your comfort and wellness.

If it's not addressed quickly, poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your life in a variety of ways. Get the expert assistance you need by calling the air quality control professionals at CW Mechanical today and learn more about our indoor air purification or duct cleaning services.

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