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Zoned HVAC systems in Las Vegas are very much like conventional HVAC systems. However, the one distinct difference is that instead of allowing the air to flow into every room in the house when the system is running, the air-conditioning is segregated or ‘zoned’ and has multiple thermostats included in it. Whole house zoning allows you to cool and heat various areas of your home so that most of the air is directed to rooms or spaces where it is most required.

This helps reduce energy waste and also helps ensure that the living environment is comfortable for all. CW Mechanical provides excellent whole house zoning Las Vegas solutions to residential clients.

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Detailed Look at How Whole House Zoning Works

Las Vegas zoned HVAC systems have dampers installed in the ductwork in your house. These dampers close and open on the individual temperature settings in every ‘zone’ in your home. However, you would need an HVAC system that has zoning capability and multiple thermostats- one in each zone. Whenever a zone is either below or above the desired temperature, the dampers/regulators open up and allow the air to flow.

When the temperature in a specific zone is adequate, the dampers will close. This helps maximize the comfort levels in each area of your house that requires cooling or heating. The other notable benefit is that it saves you a lot of energy as well.

Benefits of Whole House Zoning

There are numerous advantages to opting for whole house zoning Las Vegas, NV, for your home. However, the two most notable benefits are:

  • Reduced Home Energy Costs– Zoning significantly increases the efficiency of your HVAC system. When done correctly, it can reduce your cooling and heating costs by up to 30%. When you zone your home, it gives you the flexibility to set the system to a temperature level that you desire, in every room in your house.
  • Increase in Comfort– Traditional HVAC systems have just one thermostat that helps control the temperature level throughout the house. Several factors can have an impact on the temperature of the indoors paces in your home, and these vary from one room to the next.

For instance, north-facing rooms will typically be cooler than south-facing ones. A room with a higher ceiling will need more air-conditioned air to create a comfortable space, compared to one with a low ceiling, etc. Las Vegas whole house zoning accounts for all of these temperature differences and also allows for temperature changes in every zone as necessary. Since there are is a thermostat connected to each room, this system will enable you to quickly set the temperature for a particular room without having to go to any other part of your house to make adjustments.

Our HVAC experts are here to provide you all the information you need about the different brands and models of HVAC systems and what their specific features, pros, and cons are. We provide installation, replacement maintenance, service, and repairs of all types of whole house zoning systems in Las Vegas. For any more information, feel free to contact CW Mechanical at (702) 747-4454 or through this Contact Us link.

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